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Product-Related Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the price of my pin?

There are three factors used to establish pin prices:

Quantity - the total number of pins ordered in one style with the same title is the quantity used for the price.
Metal quality - there are three metal qualities to choose from: GE- Gold Electroplate; BBW- Bale Brite White; BRZ- Jeweler's Bronze
Colors- Some pins can be ordered with 1 or 2 colors of enamel to highlight the design and lettering on the pin. The description for each pin specifies the number of colors that can be added to the pin. Once use have selected a pin and decided on the quality and colors, you use the price that corresponds with the quantity being ordered.

Am I ordering a one or two color pin?

A pin ordered in gold electroplate with blue or a pin ordered in bronze with red is a one color pin. A pin ordered with black and white or blue and red is a two color pin. The metal quality is not considered a color.

What is Bale Brite White?

This is the name we use for pins and medals ordered with silver like finish. It is not sterling silver.

Is express shipping available?

Yes. We can ship your order to be delivered in 1, 2 or 3 days. However, if the item you order is not in stock, you still need to allow time for the processing and production of your awards. Our normal production schedule for items with engraving, stamped letters or special colors is 4 weeks. Some items (EA medals, SR medals, M series and D series pins) are in stock for immediate shipment. If you need a "rush" order, please call customer services to confirm product availability.

Can titles be changed from one style of pin to another?

No, the titles are not interchangeable. Each pin is made from it's own die. If a title is not listed with a particular pin style, we do not have a die for that title.

I am ordering my awards for an honors assembly, but I not sure how many awards I will need. If I order more than I need, can they be returned?

Any unused awards can be returned for a credit provided they have not been engraved or stamped with names, initials, etc...

Where are the Bale Company products manufactured?

All Bale Company products are made in the USA.

What are the enamel colors?

Enamel Color Wheel 12 red 13 maroon
21 light blue 22 medium blue
23 royal blue 25 navy blue
26 gold 32 green
33 dark green 36 light teal
66 dark teal 42 purple
62 orange 72 brown
82 white 91 light gray
92 black

What are the ribbon colors?

704 Black 735 Black/Dk. Blue
809 Black/Gold 726 Black/Lt. Blue
710 Black/Orange 712 Black/Red
721 Black/White 705 Blue
722 Blue/Gold 767 Blue/Gray
711 Blue/Maroon 812 Blue/Orange
859 Blue/Red 773 Blue/White
849 Blue/Yellow 13 Blue/White/Blue
790 Brown 781 Brown/Gold
719 Brown/White 718 Dk. Blue/White
846 Dk. Green 841 Gold
729 Gold/White E Gold/Blue/Gold
788 Gray 708 Gray/Red
845 Green 874 Green/Black
864 Green/Gold 916 Green/Navy
824 Green/White 15 Green/White/Green
761 Lt. Blue 875 Lt. Blue/Dk. Blue
738 Lt. Blue/Gold 76 Lt. Blue/White
800 Maroon 856 Maroon/Gold
733 Maroon/Gray 716 Marron/White
9 Marron/White/Maroon 762 Navy Blue
820 Navy Blue/Gold 741 Navy Blue/Orange
842 Orange 901 Orange/White
706 Purple 720 Purple/White
739 Purple/Gold 701 Red
725 Red/Gold 714 Red/White
764 Red/White/Blue 771 Red/White/Green
757 Red/White/Red 791 White
840 Yellow 728 Yellow/White