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How to Select an Award

Awards programs are used to honor athletic and academic achievement, participation in school activities, and years of service for faculty and staff members. Different metal qualities, enamel colors, and ribbon colors are used to designate different levels of achievement. Some of the more common color combinations are:

Achievement Level Metal
Enamel or
Ribbon Color
1st Gold (GE) Blue
2nd Silver (BBW/OSS) Red
3rd Bronze (BRZ) White
4th Bronze (BRZ) Yellow
5th Bronze (BRZ) Green
6th Bronze (BRZ) Orange
7th Bronze (BRZ) Purple
8th Bronze (BRZ) Maroon

School colors are usually used on pins and medals recognizing members of the band, cheerleaders or student council. Guards attached to a pin are used to identify captains, co-captains or officers in an organization.